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Insect Control Services in Sandy Springs, GA

Insect Control, Sandy Springs, GA You may have a beautiful backyard, fitted with all the amenities, outdoor lighting, and other features. Sandy Springs is known for its humid subtropical climate, which means mosquitoes and other biting insects can make it difficult for you to enjoy its warm and beautiful weather. While most of these insect bites are harmless, some people are vulnerable to allergic reactions. Green Care Ornamental & Turf provides comprehensive mosquito, biting insects, and shrub insect, and disease control solutions to help you make the most of your outdoors. Our services will also help you protect your loved ones.

Mosquito Misting Systems (Automated)

We install automated mosquito misting systems in your yard or anywhere outdoors to help create a safe and comfortable environment for you and your family. We use systems that spray biodegradable insecticide at the right time and in the right areas. You can opt between fully organic and synthetic and organic blend solutions. Mosquitoes and other insects should not prevent you, your family, and friends from enjoying your outdoor areas. We will place the system ideally behind the shrubs, the HVAC units, or any other place where mosquitoes are highly likely to gather or breed. Our systems release the spray at regular intervals for optimal effects.

The key advantages of our automated mosquito misting systems include:

  • High degree of effectiveness
  • Long-term mosquito control solution
  • Quiet operation

Once you install these systems on your property, you will be taking a step towards protecting your family from diseases such as Lyme Disease, West Nile Encephalitis, and Zika.

Mosquito Control Services

When you create a beautiful yard, your objective is not to spend your time indoors. Our certified technicians provide mosquito control services that are effective in getting rid of annoying insects. At the same time, all our control solutions are safe for humans and pets. Our mosquito treatment programs are focused on targeting adult females that are responsible for biting.

The key features of our treatment program are as follows:

  • Treatment application every 21 days during certain times of the year when the insects are most active
  • A dozen treatments are applied
  • Treatments can also be applied again before a special event
  • Besides treating mosquito resting areas, we also remove sites with larvae or treat them using a larvicide

Asian tiger mosquitoes are the most common mosquitoes in Sandy Springs that bite during the day. Our control services are highly effective in getting rid of them.

Shrub Insect & Disease Programs

Installing and maintaining beautiful and lively shrubs, floral plants, and ornamentals can add a new dimension to your landscape. We provide proven shrub insect and disease control programs that get rid of a wide range of harmful insects. This includes:

  • Bagworms
  • Grasshoppers
  • Japanese beetles
  • Mites

And different types of leaf-chewing insects. Our technicians have the experience and expertise need to identify different types of diseases and insects. We will also identify beneficial insects, predators, and pollinators for your shrubs.

We use the following in developing custom shrub insect and disease solutions for our clients’ properties:

  • Dormant oil
  • Root fertilization
  • Systematic or contact insecticides
  • Fungicide applications

Our comprehensive insect and disease programs for your plantscape can take care of persistent pest infestation problems with your shrubs and plants. We serve residential and commercial properties throughout Sandy Springs, GA, and the suburbs of Atlanta. Our team consists of experienced, licensed, certified, and well-trained technicians in plant health and pest management applications. We have over 25 years of industry experience and can create a custom mosquito, biting insect, and shrub care program for your property. If you want to discuss your outdoor mosquito or shrub disease issues with us, call us today at 678-618-0026 or write to us using our Contact Form.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and Surrounding Regions of GA: