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Lawn Care Services in Marietta, GA

Lawn Care, Marietta, GA There is more to lawn care than just trimming or mowing grass. Lawns that are under-fertilized, poorly irrigated, and overgrown with weeds can lead to soil erosion, pest infestation, and make lawns look unsightly. If you are a property owner blighted with patchy and weedy lawns and wish to transform them into eye-pleasing, beautiful, and safer spaces, you might want to give the task to professionals. There is a range of benefits when you hire professional landscape contractors who are also experts in performing lawn maintenance tasks. One company that you can trust is Green Care Ornamental & Turf in Marietta, GA. We have the skills, tools and experience in performing various lawn maintenance tasks. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Landscaping Services

A typical landscape is composed of various elements such as trees and shrubs, annuals, perennials, and turf. All these elements must be maintained properly to ensure their health and vigor. There are also other elements such as water features, fire amenities, and paver amenities that must be maintained. You need to get the help of licensed landscaping companies if you want an excellently maintained landscape. They can create an efficient maintenance program and perform various tasks according to industry standards.

Lawn Mower

As lawns become dense and thick over time, they may attract pests and diseases. This is the reason why you need to perform regular mowing to ensure your lawn’s health and curb appeal. The schedule can be easily arranged with your lawn maintenance contractor. Professionals can guarantee a greener and well-trimmed grass in your property. They can achieve this by using the right type of lawn mower. Below are the different mowers that may be used on your lawn:

  • Manual riding mowers for smaller areas or gardens
  • Electric mowers (cylinder) for expansive or denser lawns (because they can cut through tougher grass)
  • Hover mowers for steeper slopes

Lawn Care Services

Choosing the right lawn care services is important for many reasons. First, professional contractors will create a well-planned lawn treatment program for your property. They know when to fertilize the lawn, have access to the right set of tools and equipment, and can diagnose and treat lawn diseases that may impact the overall growth and quality of your lawn. Experienced maintenance contractors offer services that will make your lawn well-nourished, pristine, and green.

Residential & Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Some property owners perform lawn maintenance in a DIY manner. However, it is better to give the task to professional landscapers. They are experts in fertilizer application, weed and pest control, mowing, and other lawn care tasks. They know how to effectively remove nasty weeds and the maintenance plan that will best suit the type of turf (warm or cool season grasses) installed on your property. You should also consider getting a comprehensive lawn maintenance package that includes the following:

As a property owner, you can have a lush and beautiful lawn by implementing a carefully planned lawn care program. If you can’t do the tasks because of time constraints, you have the option to hire a professional lawn maintenance company like us here at Green Care Ornamental & Turf, in Marietta, GA.

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