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Commercial Landscaping Maintenance

Our Commercial Landscaping Services

Green Care Ornamental & Turf began 25 years ago in commercial landscaping.

Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Roswell GA Our mission then and now is not just to meet, but to exceed the expectations and demands of our clients in all areas of landscape services we provide. We believe you deserve a company that will provide prompt, courteous response and attention to the properties you own and/or manage.

Our maintenance staff has the knowledge, experience, and reputation for providing outstanding service for your commercial property. We believe in a proactive approach to making suggestions and recommendations, anything from small to large enhancements or just addressing issues related to your property.

Whether it is a full-serviced landscaping maintenance program with all the season-to-season maintenance needs, or enhancements that may include the installation of plants and hardscaping materials, Northwest will work with you. We work with small business owners, church facilities, HOAs, residential and office condo associations, and property and building management companies. Whether it is for one or multiple properties, Northwest can offer commercial landscaping services to fit your budget requirements and needs.

Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Programs
Our focus in an ever-changing economy is to create a Landscaping Maintenance Program for you at a great value, while continuing to provide the highest quality service and products available in the industry. NWLG offers multi-property discounts which will provide you with substantial saving each month for your Office & Business Parks, Retail Centers, Worship Centers & School Campus’s, Office Buildings, Corporate Centers, Home & Condo Associations, and more. No matter what type of commercial property you own or manage, Northwest had the credible experience, knowledge, and ability to handle all your landscaping maintenance needs. Call today (or click the big blue button below) to schedule a time to get together to discuss your commercial landscaping maintenance needs.
Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Programs Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Programs Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Programs
Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Programs Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Programs Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Programs
  • Office & Business Parks
  • Retail Centers
  • Worship Centers & School Campus’s
  • Office Buildings
  • Corporate Centers
  • Home & Condo Associations

Lawn Care & Landscaping Maintenance
Our maintenance programs provide weekly year-round visits along with scheduled fertilization and weed control to all lawn and bed areas.

Lawn Care & Landscaping Maintenance


The pruning of shrubs and hedges is done during the growing season, along with the pruning of ornamental trees and non–ornamental trees that may hang in walkways or parking lots. Corrective and heavy pruning is done during the dormant months. Shrubs and ornamental trees are fertilized in early spring and late fall to promote growth and vigor. Weed control is done in mulched areas of trees and shrubs. Frequent inspections of ornamental trees and shrubs are made for any signs of disease and /or insect problems.

Commercial Landscape Design & Installation

Commercial Landscape Design & Installation

Green Care Ornamental & Turf offers a range of services from concept to completion by accenting your existing commercial landscaping with additional plant materials, hardscapes, water features, accent lighting, irrigation work or architectural structures. Every type of installation work offered in the residential market can be incorporated into most any commercial property setting.

To enhance your commercial property(s), we offer the following services:

  • Hardscapes:
    Natural flagstone, Faux Stone, and Concrete Pavers
  • Irrigation:
    Offering complete new systems, additions to your existing system and repairs
  • Retaining Wall:
    Wood timber, stack stone, and modular block
  • Plant Material:
    Trees, shrubs, and ground covers
  • Water Features:
    Pondless waterfalls and, fountains
  • Accent Lighting:
    Uplighting, downlighting, path or walkway lighting

Seasonal Color Programs
Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Programs Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Programs Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Programs
From tulips in the spring to pansies in the winter, we will maintain your existing annual color beds and even design new areas of color to further enhance your property.

All annual color beds are amended and mulched at the time of planting with proper nutrients and weed prevention to help promote plant health and vigor. A systemic insecticide & fungicide are added as a preventive treatment.

Seasonal Color Maintenance

  • Weekly Inspections
  • Deadheading to promote blooming
  • Disease and pest control as needed
  • Replacement of plants lost to cultural reasons
  • Frequent fertilization

LED Landscape Lighting
Subtle lighting on a patio or deck extends entertaining, playing, and relaxation time into the night. Trees, plant material, and walking paths create a magical effect illuminated with low-voltage lighting.
LED Landscape Lighting - Volt
LED Landscape Lighting - FXLuminaire ®
LED Landscape Lighting - Kichler
LED Landscape Lighting LED Landscape Lighting
Led Landscape Lighting really changes the appearance of your landscaping, hardscapes and water features at night. The landscaping takes on a whole different form at night. Today LED lighting is the way to go, in outdoor low voltage lighting fixtures, especially with their lifetime warranty and now more than ever affordable cost.

LED lighting systems are less costly to maintain and operate, by providing as much as 70% in energy savings over the conventional halogen bulb. Green Care Ornamental & Turf can design and install a low voltage system for your business or institution. Get started today!

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and Surrounding Regions of GA: