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Lawn Core Aeration

Lawn Core Aeration Marietta, GA Most lawn care programs only include mowing, fertilizing, weed control, and other routine maintenance tasks. They are performed regularly to maintain the lawn's beauty and functionality. But one vital task that most property owners forget is lawn core aeration. It is usually performed once a year to facilitate grass growth. When performed at the right time and season, core aeration will make your lawn greener and more resistant to diseases. You can do it in a DIY manner, but it is still best to let professionals do the job. Choose a well-experienced lawn care services provider like us at Green Care Ornamental & Turf. Our company is a well-known lawn care and maintenance company in Marietta and surrounding locations. We have been providing expert lawn care services to residential and commercial clients in the region for several years now, so it is a wise decision to hire us for all your lawn care needs. Call us now at 678-618-0026.

Proper Lawn Core Aeration

As mentioned, lawn core aeration should be given to knowledgeable people. Professionals like us follow the right core aeration methods and techniques to achieve outstanding outcomes. We also have task-appropriate equipment, so the job is done accurately and efficiently. Lawn damage is inevitable if it is performed in a DIY-way especially if you are not familiar with the process. Improper aeration can damage the root system and limit nutrient absorption. These will create new problems or worsen existing issues such as brown patches, diseases, and poor grass growth. Since it is a labor-intensive task, the use of core aeration tools is highly recommended. Why worry about these things if you can tap the expert services of Green Care Ornamental & Turf? Hire us today and we will show you how a lawn core aeration job is done. You can always expect an excellent service from us because of our well-trained crews and properly maintained aerators.

Why Do You Need Lawn Core Aeration?

Lawn core aeration is a vital component of an effective lawn care program. When performed correctly, it will help revitalize a problematic lawn and reduce maintenance cost. Aeration is not a simple job, but a technical lawn care task that must be performed at the right time by skilled maintenance crews. An aerator machine is needed to effectively improve the condition of the soil and remove layers of thick thatch that may hamper nutrient water and nutrient absorption. We generally perform this task in early fall for cool-season grasses while warm-season grasses need it in mid-spring to summer.

Here are the benefits of lawn core aeration:

  • achieve a robust and thicker lawn
  • better fertilizer absorption
  • improves irrigation
  • more efficient pest control program
  • reduce soil compaction

Our lawn care service is open for all kinds of clients in the region. Whether you are an owner of a large estate, a commercial property owner, or a typical homeowner, you are always assured of fast and reliable lawn core aeration services. If you want to know more about the processes that we use, the techniques that we follow, and the tools that we adopt, please call us via our hotline or thru our Contact Us form.

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