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Mosquito Control Services

Mosquito Control Programs

Bite-free yard

When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors, annoying mosquito bites seem to be an unavoidable evil, especially in warm, humid weather. While most people will not be infected with the deadly viruses associated with the mosquito bite that we have all heard about at one time or another, but the risk is always there. This is especially true for small children who are and can be more susceptible to mosquito bites than adults, and while most bites are harmless, some people have a severe, even life-threatening allergic reaction.

Although staying indoors maybe the best option to prevent the bite, it is not always the most popular or practical one if you want to enjoy the outdoors and especially if that outdoors is your back or front yard. Or if you are having a Special event such as a party or wedding.

Our Treatments

Our treatments are effective and safe to pets or people once applied. The treatment simply takes out the adult females who are the biting ones who need blood to fertile there eggs. Treatments are applied every 21-days from mid-March through mid-October when mosquitos are most active. There are a total of 12 treatments and we can apply again if needed before any special event or activity you may be planning to have just to give that added level of protection. Our treatments are guaranteed between treatments and there is no additional charge to re-treat between 21-day intervals if needed. We treat all mosquito resting sites on a property and either remove or treat resting water areas with a larvicide. Asian tiger mosquitos can breed in stagnant water as small as a cap full of water, so that is a crucial part of the program.

What to expect

The most common mosquito for biting during the day is the Asian tiger mosquito. The one thing to remember is Even though you may have treatment to control mosquitos it DOES NOT mean you’ll never encounter a mosquito in your backyard ever again. The treatment is NOT a glass dome above your backyard. The service is designed to reduce the number of Asian tiger mosquitoes in your backyard that might bite you or your family. Mosquitoes can still fly from yard to yard, so there are chances you may encounter them. Mosquitos like to hangout in your shrubs and trees and will nest and breed within about a 100-yard radius.

Treatment cost

Treatment cost can vary depending on the amount of vegetation a property may have and not just by a properties actual size. Because treatments are focused on the vegetation (shrub, trees and ground covers) areas where mosquitos like to harbor as well as shaded areas like below decks, this will be the largest factor in determining per treatment cost. We will also make recommendations for areas you may have that could be contributing to optimal breeding areas like standing water and wet areas. We will also treat drain catch basin boxes which hold standing water and is a larvicide treatments.

1⁄4 to 1⁄2 Acres 1⁄2 to 3⁄4 Acres 3⁄4 to 1 Acres Misting Systems
$49.95 / Treatment $59.95 / Treatment $79.95 / Treatment Call for quote
Standard mosquito treatment Standard mosquito treatment treatment Long-term results

Any property over 1 Acer: Treatment cost will be determined upon evaluation.
One Time Treatments for Special events (weddings, graduations, parties, etc.) for non-seasonal customers Start at $125.00.

“I have been very satisfied with their work.”

Northwest Landscape comes to my home weekly to do overall lawn maintenance. I have also had several trees taken down, and sod replaced in my yard. I have been satisfied with and highly recommend the work. They work with me at the beginning of each project, and are very cooperative when we need to discuss any details.

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