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Lawn Care Services

Comprehensive Lawn Care in Marietta GA and Metro Atlanta

Our lawn care service is an annual 7-round program of fertilization coupled with pre and post emergence weed control. It’s carefully formulated to keep your Marietta lawn looking great and staying healthy.

Most companies will sell you on more than 7 applications but this is just all about getting more money. We have developed a lawn service program that gives your lawn what it needs to look its best and stay heathy in the dormant season for good root development and green and heathy during the growing season when it is most susceptible to pests.

A good lawn care program not only keeps your lawn green but helps with disease and insects that can damage the turf making it unsightly and even killing off portions of the lawn.

There will alway be a level of insect and weather conditions that effect your grass but keeping a balanced fertilization and weed program helps to minimize the effects on your lawn. All warm season grasses are not the same. Zoysia Grass for example does not like or require a lot of higher nitrogen fertilizer which can contribute to disease, whereas Bermuda grass often needs more nitrogen.

We have used this program for our residential and commercial lawn maintenance customers and have found it to work well. A Lime application is available if needed upon the compilation of a soil test and ph results.

Lawn Treatment Program

Green Care Ornamental & Turf offers comprehensive but affordable lawn treatment programs for residential and commercial lawns. Our company creates custom treatment programs that will address the specific needs and requirements of our client's lawn. With our systematic approach, we easily identify problems that may cause massive turf damage and find issues that may pose health risks to people. We treat various lawn diseases, control pest and weed infestations, rejuvenate poorly maintained lawns, and perform other necessary actions to correct serious lawn issues. Our lawn care solutions have been proven effective by countless satisfied clients across Georgia. If you haven't tried our lawn treatment program, please call our hotline today. Read More About Lawn Treatment Program »

Lawn Fertilization

Achieving a vibrant and healthy lawn is the ultimate goal of every property owner. Keeping it well-nourished will not only encourage proper grass growth but also make it more resistant to pests, weeds, and diseases. However, fertilizer application is not a simple task that anybody can do. The job is best left in the hands of professionals like us at Green Care Ornamental & Turf. We do the job systematically and efficiently to achieve outstanding results. Before we create a lawn fertilization program, we always perform an in-depth lawn assessment to determine its nutrient requirements. We take note of the grass variety, topography, soil condition, and other health issues that may affect proper grass growth. We may use synthetic or organic fertilizers depending on your preferences. You may hire us for a one-time fertilization job or allow us to take care of your lawn all year round. Our year-round lawn care program covers all the maintenance needs of your lawn - from fertilization to disease treatment. Read More About Lawn Fertilization »

Lawn Weed Control

Those nasty weeds will never disappear even if you pull them up or apply an herbicide to control the infestation. At Green Care Ornamental & Turf, we've already perfected a weed control program that can eliminate even the peskiest weed on your lawn. We know how to control weed infestation and eliminate them without damaging your turf. We also adopt safe methods and technique to avoid contamination and other kinds of health risks to people. As it is, maintaining a weed-free lawn is a difficult task for most homeowners. But you can always give the task to well-experienced lawn maintenance people like us at Green Care Ornamental & Turf. Call us and we'll show you our eco-friendly approach when doing a weed removal job. Read More About Lawn Weed Control »

Lawn Disease Control

If you need a lawn disease control specialist with years of experience in lawn care and maintenance, call us. Our company is the choice of most Georgia property owners because of our effective disease control methods and procedures. We use industry-approved procedures and proven treatment methods when dealing with lawn diseases. Brown patch, leaf spot, rust, snow mold, and dollar spot are among the most common types of lawn diseases that we can handle. We have a specific treatment for each type to ensure the complete recovery of your lawn. We may also modify your current maintenance program to prevent these diseases. Some of these diseases are caused by over or under fertilization, drought, overwatering, and fungal infection. Protect your lawn's beauty and functionality now by getting our lawn disease control service. Read More About Lawn Disease Control »

Lawn Insect Control

We hunt for chinch bugs, white grubs, mole crickets, sod webworms, and other insects that invade almost all Georgia lawns. These insects can cause extensive damage to your turf so you must act immediately to control the infestation. It is easy to tell if your lawn is infested with these insects. You must look for signs of infestation like wilting or dying grass and dead spots on your lawn. Take note that it is vital to identify the right species and the extent of infestation. Here at Green Care Ornamental & Turf, we have a team of lawn experts who know how to properly identify the type of infestation. The insect control program that we typically create is based on the life cycle and biology of the pest or insect. Rest assured that we only use proven methods and solutions when doing this task. Read More About Lawn Insect Control »

Lawn Core Aeration

Lawn core aeration is highly-effective in revitalizing your lawn. This lawn care method is typically performed once a year to encourage grass growth. Did you know that core aeration will also make your turf more resistant to diseases and pests? Since it allows nutrients to penetrate the soil, you can expect a greener and more vibrant lawn. But core aeration is not a DIY job that any homeowner can do. You need people who are experts in this kind of job. At Green Care Ornamental & Turf, we use core aeration tools and other proven approaches to ensure commendable outcomes. In addition, we know the right aeration techniques since we have already performed hundreds of core aeration jobs for residential and commercial clients across the state. Lastly, we offer this task at a very affordable rate. Call us today for more details. Read More About Lawn Core Aeration »

Lawn Maintenance

Our primary focus is providing our clients with high-quality lawn maintenance solutions at competitive prices. All projects are carried out using organic lawn fertilizers, including our pest control products, which help maintain the quality of your lawn by providing it with proper nutrition. Core aeration is another critical aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to lawn maintenance. As a property owner, you should consider carrying it out at least a couple of times each year. Besides these, we also include pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control and de-weeding as part of our lawn maintenance services. When you hire the services of a reputed and well-established company like us at Green Care Ornamental & Turf, you can rest assured knowing that you will have a healthy and beautiful lawn all year round. We emphasize offering clients superior residential and commercial lawn care solutions. Read More About Lawn Maintenance »


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