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Landscape Maintenance Services in Woodstock, GA

Landscape Maintenance, Woodstock, GA All types of landscapes must be maintained properly and regularly for them to stay healthy, clean, and lush all year round. The safety and functionality of the outdoor area is also enhanced when there is a sound maintenance plan. But there are some maintenance tasks that require technical training and special types of equipment. As a property owner, you don't have the skills and tools needed to perform the required tasks efficiently. You may end up ruining the beauty of your entire landscaping and spend more for rebuilding your damaged landscape features.

Your best solution is to just hire a professional landscape maintenance firm like us at Green Care Ornamental & Turf. Our company is known in Woodstock, GA, and nearby areas for our excellent maintenance work. You will surely benefit from our comprehensive maintenance package since it covers all the maintenance needs of your landscape. Call us now at 678-618-0026 for your inquiries.

Lawn Care Services

Your lawn is one of the most sensitive areas in the landscape. Its beauty can be easily ruined by nasty weeds, pests, and diseases. You can avoid these things by implementing a well-thought-out lawn care plan. The plan should include important maintenance tasks such as mowing, fertilizing, sodding, or seeding, aerating, and dethatching, mulching, weed and pest control, and disease treatment. Some of these tasks require special types of tools and equipment, so you need to get the services of professionals.

Residential & Commercial Landscaping Maintenance

An effective landscape maintenance program covers all the elements and features in your landscaping. It should not only focus on the softscape elements but also include other vital features and amenities. Most property owners are more concerned about the health of the lawn and other plantings such as the trees, shrubs, and flowering plants. They usually forget the maintenance needs of the hardscape elements, the water and fire features, and the outdoor living structures. These features must be maintained properly to ensure their optimum function. They could also ruin the beauty of your landscape if they don't get the right treatment.

Lawn Maintenance

Before you hire a lawn maintenance contractor, make sure that the company has the resources needed for various landscape maintenance tasks. Look for the skills of the crews. Ask your contractor if they have proper training and knowledge of various maintenance procedures and techniques such as lawn fertilization and weed control. It is also important to consider the kinds of tools that will be used on your lawn. The company should have complete tools and equipment such as riding mowers, loppers, pruners, edgers, baggers, blowers, stump grinders, and other power tools.

Lawn Services

Most commercial and residential landscape maintenance companies in Woodstock, GA, offer a comprehensive lawn service. But before hiring one, make sure that you get a service package that covers all the maintenance requirements of your lawn. You should also hire people with lengthy experience and complete resources. Lastly, choose a service provider that can offer reasonable rates and prompt service.

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