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Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Fertilization Marietta, GA If you are looking for people who can take good care of your lawn's maintenance requirements, call Green Care Ornamental & Turf today. Our comprehensive maintenance program for residential and commercial lawns are carefully planned to ensure outstanding results. We make sure that our recommended lawn care tasks are based on the actual needs of your property. We always follow systematic procedures when working on maintenance tasks, especially when handling lawn fertilization programs for our valued clients. Our goal is not only about completing the specific tasks but to exceed our client's expectations.

Do you want a healthy and lush lawn regardless of the season? Call 678-618-0026 now and our lawn care specialists will discuss to you the details of our premium but affordable lawn fertilization service.

Well-Planned Lawn Fertilization Program

Green Care Ornamental & Turf understands the nature and maintenance requirements of every Georgia lawn. Our people have in-depth knowledge of various grass species and the specific nutrient requirements of each grass variety. The maintenance needs of Zoysia grass is different from Bermuda and Kentucky bluegrass. Other types of turf may also require a different maintenance approach. These are the reasons why we adopted a unique program for warm-season and cold-season grasses. We also take into consideration the property's topography, existing landscape features, and other softscape elements since they can affect the turf's overall health and growth pattern. Once we have completed the initial assessment, we can now recommend the right maintenance plan for your lawn. Our bespoke lawn fertilization program will address the peculiar needs of your lawn, so you can always expect outstanding outcomes. You will surely have a greener lawn that is more resistant to diseases, pest and weed infestations, and extreme weather conditions.

Lawn Fertilization Experts

As one of the leading lawn care and maintenance companies in Georgia, we offer our clients unparalleled lawn fertilization services at reasonable costs. We believe that clients should always get topnotch services without draining their pockets. In addition, we have certified people with extensive experience in fertilizer application. They have completed numerous lawn fertilization programs for residential and commercial clients in Marietta and surrounding areas. Hiring us means you are getting well-experienced people who perform the job right the first time. Applying fertilizers may seem to be an easy job for some homeowners but it really requires technical skills that only well-trained people can do efficiently. With us, you do not have to worry about over fertilizing, yellowing, or wilting of grass leaves, or uneven grass growth. We do the job systematically using proven methods and task-appropriate tools. The task is performed efficiently and completed on the agreed schedule even if we are tasked to feed a large lawn.

We also understand the preferences of our clients, so we allow them to choose from synthetic and organic fertilizers. The latter is gaining popularity among homeowners because it is safer to use and an eco-friendly option. Regardless of your preferred method and type of treatment, your lawn will always get the right amount of nutrients at the right interval. We may also recommend the application of post and pre-emergent solutions for weed control. At Green Care Ornamental & Turf, you are guaranteed of a fully rejuvenated lawn with our highly efficient lawn fertilization program. Contact us today!

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