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Get the Best Looking Pine Straw

Customers from Marietta GA get the Best Pine Straw from us

Pine Straw Marietta GA Pine straw is a landscaping mulch. And mulch is a landscaping requirement for a variety of reasons. As Wikipedia describes it:

Mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of an area of soil. Its purpose is any or all of the following:
  • to conserve moisture
  • to improve the fertility and health of the soil
  • to reduce weed growth
  • to enhance the visual appeal of the area

High-quality Mulch for a Great Price

Over the years, pine straw has become very common in southern settings and is the preferred mulch in most residential landscapes in Marietta GA, due to it low cost relative to other mulch types. But, there is often a wide variety in the quality of pine straw you receive. This is primarily due to the time of year that you install your pine straw.

Have the Best Landscape Setting in your neighbourhood

At Green Care Ornamental & Turf, we have always advised clients to spread pine straw in late January and throughout February. In these months, you’re getting the select top layer of the pine straw that dropped in the fall. When you wait until late March and April, all of the good looking straw is gone. You end up with gray colored pine straw that was previously buried and composting into the ground.

Only settle for the best Pine Straw in Marietta GA

Make an appointment with Green Care Ornamental & Turf now to get the best looking mulch with our landscaping maintenance program. Green Care Ornamental & Turf has earned a reputation as one of the premier landscaping companies in Marietta. We take pride in our work, and we are committed to excellence in everything that we do, whether it’s the simplest lawn service to the most complex landscape design. Our goal is to provide high quality workmanship and outstanding service at a reasonable price, giving you the best landscaping value possible.

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