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Lawn Fertilization Tips

Lawn Fertilization, Marietta, GA The vegetation in your lawn often grows under stressful conditions. This explains why most homeowners hire professional experts for lawn fertilization. Particularly, during springs and falls, it is imperative to provide a healthy dose of nutrients to the grass and other plants growing on your lawn. Given that most lawns experience poor soil conditions, you need to compensate the deficit with proper fertilizers. This enables large trees, shrubs, and grasses to flourish on the green patches around your home.

In this post, you will get to know about some of the best tips for fertilizing your lawn.

Keep Your Lawns Clean

In the first place, you need to keep your lawn free from debris and trash. Mostly, you would find organic waste including dead leaves and branches of dead trees lying around the yard. From time to time, you need to assess the condition of your lawn, evaluating its health. In case you find dying grass in the lawn, or weeds overgrowing other forms of life, hire professionals for a clean-up and weed control services. Ignoring dead plants and weeds can suffocate other plants that are in their growth stage. If you decide to rake the weeds and grass yourself, take care not to go too deep or hard. This might cause potential damage to your flowering plants.

Aerate Your Lawns in Spring and Fall

To nurture a faster growth of plants, you need to aerate the soil at the right time. Spring and fall are the two most crucial seasons for soil aeration. This helps in loosening up the soil, which enables a better airflow. Left ignored, the soil becomes compacted. When you aerate the soil in spring, it eases up the process of absorbing water and nutrients. For aerating your soil, get a rolling aerator. Alternatively, you might put on a pair of aeration shoes and take a walk around the yard. Besides, aerations tools powered by gas are also available in the market.

Water Your Lawns Daily in Spring/Summer

Of course, you would like to see your garden in healthy condition. To keep the lawn hydrated, make sure to water it daily during the spring and summer. After you place the grass seeds, you need to carry out lawn fertilization. Besides, timely watering of the soil keeps it in good condition. You may get a basic sprinkler integrated with timers, so that the grass seeds receive adequate water.

Fertilize Your Lawns Twice a Year

As you know, the grass and other plants on your lawn would require adequate amounts of fertilizers to grow. Apply nitrogen fertilizers during the warmer seasons. This would enable the grass to grow better. When the warm grass turns dormant, hire experts for another round of soil fertilization. This would particularly feed the roots of the plants.

Choose Organic Fertilizers

Choosing the right kind of fertilizers might be challenging unless you have a professional team to guide you. In general, we recommend using organic fertilizers during lawn fertilization. Check out the ones that release nitrogen into the soil slowly. The slower the release, the better effect your soil would enjoy. With the right kind of fertilizer and proper distribution, the grass would feed on the nutrients evenly. This would also prevent growth flushes that might complicate the process of mowing. Using organic fertilizers would also prevent premature loss of nutrients from the soil.

Get across to Northwest Landscape Group for a professional hand while fertilizing your lawn. Our industry expertise and experience warrant faster plant growth. You may reach out to us at 678-618-0026 or fill up this contact form. One of our experts will reach out to you shortly.
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